Chas Chandler, a Partner in Amherst’s Investment Banking practice and leader of the firm’s Consumer Products Industry Group, engages former client client and firm Operating Director Ray Dallavecchia, Jr. in a wide-ranging discussion covering his experiences as the architect behind the growth of iconic toy brand POOF®-Slinky®, his work leading consumer products businesses with both domestic and overseas production operations, and insights on what he’s looking for in investment opportunities now that he’s launched his own family office, Venetian Associates.

We know that each business’s individual story of struggle and success is a single brush stroke on a vast canvas. Searching for the patterns that appear when you look at the bigger picture, Whose Company Is It Anyway podcast host Sheldon Stone turns the microphone around to capture insights from veteran broadcast journalist Murray Feldman’s 40-year career reporting on the stories that shaped and molded the people and the communities of metropolitan Detroit.