IMAP Annual Review Showcases Global Results | Amherst Partners
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IMAP Annual Review Showcases Global Results

IMAP Annual Review Showcases Global Results

IMAP is the world’s leading partnership of M&A advisory firms with close to 500 professionals in 39 countries.

As a long-time IMAP member firm in the United States, Amherst Partners is able to leverage an expansive global network of colleague firms to help maximize outcomes for our clients with international deal objectives.

IMAP recently released its 2018 results, announcing an increase in deals closed over the previous year, having closed 208 deals in 2018 worth over $10 billion. Average disclosed deal value came in at $62.2 million, as IMAP continues to strengthen its mid-market credentials.

For more information, check out IMAP’s 2018 annual review.