Amherst Presents 2017 IMAP Dealbook | Amherst Partners
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Amherst Presents 2017 IMAP Dealbook

Amherst Presents 2017 IMAP Dealbook

Amherst Partners is pleased to present the International M&A Partnership’s 2017 Dealbook, an annual publication showcasing the organization’s collective track record across a broad range of sectors and geographies.

IMAP was founded in 1973 and is the world’s leading mergers and acquisitions partnership focused on the middle-market. With 60 offices around the globe, IMAP gives its member firms unprecedented resources to support cross-border M&A activity.

As a long-time IMAP member firm in the United States, Amherst Partners is able to offer our middle-market clients the high-touch service from senior-level professionals that is the hallmark of a boutique investment banking firm paired with an expansive global network of colleague firms to help us serve clients with international deal objectives.

Amherst Partners is pleased to share this publication with you. Please feel free to contact any member of our team if you have questions or ideas that you would like to discuss in more detail.